1. A clean private location will be provided if needed for Stephen to get changed in at the venue. A toilet will not suffice. Perfomance can not commence unless this is done.


2. Business cards from Stephen (McQueen) will be allowed to be handed out unless a contract from a third party states otherwise.


3. During Stage or Parlour shows, no members of public are allowed to access the stage or area of perfomance until the props are removed, unless asked by Stephen (McQueen).


4. A secure dry location for props or his bag must be provided for Stephen (McQueen) at any event.

Close-up and stage shows require a private area away from the public to set up.


5. A soft drink will be required on arrival.


6. McQueen Magic is a private act/company that is hired and does not represent the views of any companies he works for, nor is he a part of that company.


7. Any extra time accumilated at an event perfoming other than what the contract states will be charged at £100 an hour unless negotiated and confirmed by email.


8.Stephen (McQueen) is hired to perform as a live act and no filming is permitted unless Stephen has stated its ok to do so. Stephen (McQueen) will be allowed to tell spectators that filming isnt allowed in a polite manner if he wishes.


9.In the very extremely rare case of anyone being abbusive or out of control, Stephen (McQueen) will stop performing and will not begin again until the person has been removed. The client will still be liable for the full fee unless a negotiable settlement is confirmed by email.


10. Final Fees have to be paid a maximum of 1 week after or before the event has been worked unless stated by email. failure to do this results in 10% of the full fee being added on each week after until paid.


11. Any changes in timings have to be confirmed by email.


12. All deposits are non refundable, unless Stephen (McQueen) can’t make the event. In this case a Magician of equal quality will be sourced unless the client chooses otherwise.


13. If the event is cancelled less than one month before the contracted date, the client will be liable for the full fee.


14. If the event is cancelled 2 months before the contracted date 50% of the fee will still be liable.


15. If the event is cancelled 3 months before the contracted date 25% of the fee will still be laible.


16. All cancellations need to be confirmed by telephone and email.


17. Parking fees will need to be paid if Stephen (McQueen) needs to park his car.





Please send an email of confirmation to say you have understood all this.


Thank you

Stephen Karl McQueen